Raising Kids in the Digital Age Just Got Easier

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How Bark Works

Raising kids in the digital age isn’t easy. With so many dangers lurking online, it’s important to take steps to protect your children. With Bark parental controls, by monitoring your child’s online activity, you can be alerted to any red flags – such as bullying, depression, violence, eating disorders, or predators. Bark can provide you peace of mind and help you create a safer, healthier, environment for your family and community.

Bark Premium

Our comprehensive parental intelligence solution.

$12.95 /month

Help protect your kids online and real life.

  • Recieve parental monitoring alerts for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, and more
  • Manage screen time
  • Block website and apps
  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins

Comprehensive Content Monitoring for Parents

Bark scans texts, emails, and 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms for issues like bullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, sexual content, and more.

Bark’s monitoring features give parents and guardians key insights into their kids’ digital worlds.

Customizable Screen Time Rules

Use Bark’s screen time app to set screen time rules, limit your child’s tech use, and create custom schedules for how and when they can use their devices.

Website Blocking for Families

A website blocking app can help you create positive guidelines for your child’s tech use to help them grow up to be a strong, empowered digital citizen. Bark gives you customizable options to fit your kid’s unique needs.

Location Sharing for Peace of Mind

Real-Time Updates on a Map

Track your kid’s location no matter where they roam with our GPS-powered, real-time location tracking.

Customizable Location Alerts

Enter in frequently visited spots – like schools, home, or a friend’s house –  and get automatic alerts whenever your child arrives or leaves.


With check-ins, your kid can proactively send their location straight to your phone – perfect for teens.

Busy parents can now be more present in their kids lives, save time and gain peace of mind.