Unrivaled Managed WiFi for Unprecedented Small Business Growth.

Offer your subscribers best-in-class business network WiFi solutions and managed services that enable them to grow their business and open more revenue opportunities for you.

Reduce the Dilemmas of Your Small Business

As a business owner, freedom is as valuable as growth. The investment you make in customer satisfaction goes straight to your bottom line. Which is why you deserve a managed network service that frees you to focus on business instead of IT. With SmartBiz, you can hit the easy button, enabling your business and customer to come first.

The Small Business Owner’s Dilemma

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Online presence
  • WiFi networks
  • No IT staff
  • No free time
  • Need help

With SmartBiz, You can Expand Your Business by Taking Advantage of:

Dedicated Networks

Out-of-the-box owner, staff, point-of-sale, and customer networks that run on both wired and wireless LAN.

Network Security

Protect your staff, critical business infrastructure, and customers from cyberattacks and viruses.

Content Restrictions

Keep your employees productive and focused on the task at hand with tailored content restrictions.

Customer WiFi portal

Drive brand loyalty and targeted email campaigns.

Network Resilience

Ensure critical business systems are always operational with cellular backup.

With SmartBiz, You Have the Power to Create and Control Four Distinct Networks:

Primary Network

Securely support your critical small business functions such as accounting with network resilience to ensure business continuity and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance

Staff Network

Deliver amazing bandwidth for your employee activity, including office and productivity applications, without impacting primary network functions. Even better, you can easily update access settings to keep pace with staffing changes.

POS Network

Set up a separate network for mobile payment and self-serve store check out.

Customer Network

Use a captive portal to elevate your brand, offering guests WiFi services complete with personalized business-set terms and hours.

An All-In-One Managed Wifi Solution Built For Small Business.

Put the power of SmartBiz in your hands with the SmartBiz Onworx app. Monitor and manage each element of the solution to match the unique needs of your small business. Set up service-specific networks, enable network security, create a branded customer WiFi portal and more!

Flexible Network Inside And Out

Our integrated solution makes connecting both wired and wireless systems seamless—giving you comfort that all your business and patron devices are connected.

Always On With Backup

SmartBiz has options for cellular backup that give you added connectivity and uptime, keeping your business running and your customers happy.

Business Grade Cyber Security

From POS to staff and customer guest networks, built-in firewalls and proactive network security traffic monitoring protect you from cyber threats.

Engage Your Customers

Guest WiFi delivers Valuable insights so you can promote your business through a beautiful, branded and seamless interface.

We Bring New Opportunities To Your Business

WiFi Serves as a Marketing Opportunity, Delivering the Most Unique Experience.

Customer WiFi Access Portal:

  • Collect names and email addresses
  • Customize a branded welcome screen
  • Set customer terms of service
  • Set hours of operation
  • Set session limits
  • Review usage reporting

Scalable Guest WiFi Delivers the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Give your customers even more reasons to visit, stay longer and be more engaged, loyal, and satisfied.

A better visitor experience with branded WiFi

Gain a better understanding of who your visitors are and what they care about

Easily make changes to your guest WiFi

Worry-free network access and page rendering

Fully managed by your service provider means less hassle for you

Don't Wait!

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